Affordable, local food

Wholeshare is a website that helps you get access to good quality, affordable local food by organizing group purchases. Consumers face two main problems when it comes to local and sustainable food. The first is that good quality food is often hard to find. Large areas of the country dont have good access to local foods. The second problem is that when you do find it, it's often at premium prices. That pricing discrepancy often encourages people to go with more conventional options.

Wholeshare solves both these problems by allowing people to order food online as part of a group. By shopping as a group, everyone increases their purchasing power. Your group places larger orders than you could on your own and as a result, it becomes worthwhile for farmers and other local food produces to come delivery directly to you and your group. Also, because you're able to go direct to the source you cut out costly portions of your supply chain, which means you save money without shortchanging the producers.

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